Student Code of Conduct Part V: Interim Administrative Action

  1. The Vice President for Student Life or designee may impose an interim “University Suspension,” an interim “Removal from Housing,” an interim “Loss of Recognition, ”and/or other necessary restrictions on a respondent prior to or during an Administrative Review of the respondent’s alleged violation. Such action may be taken when, in the professional judgment of a University official, a threat of harm to persons or property exists, to protect the safety of any person, or when a significant disruption occurs within the educational community or living and learning environment. 
  2.  Interim administrative actions are not sanctions. They are taken in an effort to protect the safety and well-being of the complainant, respondent, other members of the University community, the University, or property. Interim administrative actions are preliminary in nature; and are in effect only until the resolution of the Community Standards process; however, violations of interim administrative actions may result in additional violations and sanctions including University Suspension or University Expulsion or Loss of Recognition.
  3. Every effort will be made to meet with the respondent to provide an opportunity for the respondent to make a statement regarding the proposed interim action.
  4. A student who receives an interim administrative action may request a meeting with the Vice President for Student Life or designee to demonstrate why an interim action is not merited. Regardless of the outcome of this meeting, the University may still proceed with the Community Standards process.
  5. The Vice President for Student Life or designee will monitor any interim administrative action placed upon a student or student organization, and if information comes to light during the Community Standards process that warrants a different interim administrative action or the removal of an action, that action shall be taken as soon as is reasonably possible.
  6. Interim administrative actions imposed by the Vice-President for Student Life, or designee may remain in effect through the conclusion of the appellate process.

Reviewed and Updated 8/2023 by Peter Wiernicki, Office of Community Standards