Student Code of Conduct Part VI: Maintenance and Review of Community Standards Files

  1. Community Standards files are deemed education records and are maintained separately from any other academic or official file at the University by the Director of Community Standards or designee. Generally, information from the files is not released without the written consent of the student. However, certain information may be provided without a student’s prior consent to individuals within the University who have a legitimate legal or educational interest in obtaining it, and to individuals outside the University under certain circumstances. Additional information regarding the disclosure of educational records may be found in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act section of the Student Handbook.
  2. Community Standards files are maintained chronologically by academic year, then by the date the incident was reported, and then by respondent. A student may have more than one file. Generally, a Community Standards file, including related information documents, will be kept and maintained for seven (7) years from the date that the student is no longer enrolled at the university. The Community Standards file of an expelled student shall be retained for twenty-five (25) years.
  3. In situations involving both a respondent and another student who believes they were a victim of the respondent’s misconduct, the records of the process, if any, will be considered to be the education records of both students since their educational career and chances of success in the academic community may be impacted. Please note that not all procedural records will be considered to be student conduct records.
  4. The Director of Community Standards or designee has the final authority regarding the inspection, review, or release of any Community Standards file.

Reviewed and Updated 8/2023 by Peter Wiernicki, Office of Community Standards