Exceptions Procedure for Housing, Meal Plan and Parking

Bridgewater State University (“BSU” or the “University”) recognizes the need for providing exceptions in its housing, meal plan and parking procedures for students who qualify for an exception based upon a diagnosed medical/psychological need.  BSU reserves the right to amend this procedure at any time as circumstances require.

Housing Exceptions:

The university makes every effort to reasonably meet the on-campus housing needs of students with documented medical/psychological concerns.  The exception of a single room (due to the limited amount on campus) is utilized only when no other reasonable accommodation can be granted.  The residential housing that is offered is not an environment free of distractions, and exceptions cannot be granted for learning or attentional disabilities alone. Requests for Emotional Support Animals (ESA), adaptive equipment and devices for residential settings, should be made directly with Student Accessibility Services.

Meal Plan Exceptions:

If a student has a medically documented dietary restriction, it is required that the student consult with the designated representative from Bridgewater Dining (Sodexo Food Service) to determine if they are able to provide for dietary need and/or plan well in advance of the semester the student is attending.  They can be emailed at nutrition@bridgew.edu If Bridgewater Dining is unable to assist the student, the student can then submit a request for a meal plan exception as soon as possible, preferably within the deadlines outlined below.

Parking Exceptions:

Commuter and resident students with a documented medical need may obtain special permission to park in West Campus, Harrington and Moakley lots during class hours.  Resident students with granted exceptions will need to park in resident lots for overnight parking.  State issued handicap parking placards are required to park in handicap parking spaces.  

Housing, Meal Plan and Parking Exception Preferred Deadlines:

Submission of the required Housing, Meal Plan and Parking Exception application will be accepted at any time but it is requested that students attempt to submit it and any supporting documents from treating providers for the Fall semester by April 1st for returning students and June 1st for incoming students.  Applications will be reviewed after those respective dates. When submitting an application for the Spring semester, we request that the application and documentation be submitted by December 1st.  The form and any supporting documentation will be accepted at a later time if a student desires to submit a request, but meeting the deadline is strongly encouraged. 

Please note:  If the student is on the waiting list for on-campus housing, the student cannot receive an exception until receiving an offer from the Office of Residence Life and Housing.  

Instructions for Submitting Documentation:

Please navigate to the Student Accessibility Services online portal and select "Request SAS Support".  Additional information including documentation requirements is available with BSU login at the Student Accessibility BridgeNet Site.

Notice of Confidentiality

Any information sent will be considered confidential and will be shared only with members of the Housing, Meal Plan and Parking Exception Committee.  Members of the Housing, Meal Plan and Parking Exception Committee include a representative from BSU’s Health Services, the Counseling Center, Student Accessibility Services, Parking Service, Residence Life and Housing, the President's Office, and Student Affairs and Enrollment Management.   While every effort will be made to meet the needs of the student, submission of the form and supporting documentation cannot guarantee that the request will be met.

Decision Process:

Once the completed application is received, it will be reviewed by members of the Housing, Meal and Parking Exception Committee. The committee meets once every two weeks or as necessary to discuss requests and/or appeals.  If the student/provider has provided the appropriate documentation and the exception can be reasonably met, the student will be contacted via email by a representative of the committee, making it known if the request is approved.  The student will also be notified if the documentation does not support the student's request, if more documentation is needed for the request to be considered or if the student’s needs cannot be met.  Please note, the complete process for receiving a decision from the committee typically takes up to two weeks from the date of the submission of all forms and documentation by the student.  Requests submitted prior to the suggested deadlines will not be reviewed until the aforementioned dates, in the order in which they were received.

Appeal Process:

Students may appeal/request a review of decisions regarding approval of accommodations based on (a) procedural error, (b) new information, or (c) failure to comply with related laws, regulations, rules, or policies. These appeals must be initiated in writing to the Director of Student Accessibility Services within 2 weeks of their accommodation decision and include which of the above reasons is the ground for the appeal/review. The Director or their designee will investigate and follow up with the student. If the student’s concern is not resolved satisfactorily, the complaint can be reviewed by the Dean of the related area or their designee.


Updated by the Housing, Meal Plan and Parking Exception Committee 8/2023