Personal Property Insurance

Students should obtain their own insurance to protect against theft, fire and damage.

Our license agreement states that Bridgewater State University is not responsible for personal property owned by resident students. To assist you in managing the risk of loss of your personal property, we have partnered with CSI Insurance Company to offer information about student property insurance.

We urge you to consider this type of coverage for your personal property. Every year, students lose property due to a number of reasons, including theft, water damage and fire. Even if you have coverage under your family’s homeowners' or tenants' policies, you may want broader coverage with lower deductibles that is available with student property insurance.

For more information about coverage and available policies, see CSI Insurance Company’s website at or call 888.411.4911. In order to obtain coverage, you must apply to CSI Insurance Company.

Updated 8/2019, Justin McCauley, Office of Residence Life & Housing