Prohibition of Hoverboards and Similar Devices on Campus

1.  Purpose

As recent information indicates that the batteries in hoverboards and similar devices can be dangerous and are prone to creating a safety and fire risk, this policy regulates the possession of hoverboards and similar devices on campus and in all facilities owned or operated by Bridgewater State University, in an effort to provide a safe and secure learning and working environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

2.  Applicability

This policy covers all Bridgewater State University students, faculty, staff, vendors, contractors, visitors, volunteers, and all other affiliated or non affiliated persons.

3.  Policy

Due to safety concerns following a number of reported hoverboard fires, Bridgewater State University is prohibiting the use, possession, or storage of hoverboards and similar devices containing lithium ion batteries on campus.  Until the cause of these fires is fully understood and the risks have been mitigated, it is in the best interest of community safety that we prohibit these devices from the University and University controlled facilities.

In addition to the safety concerns indicating that the batteries in hoverboards and similar devices can be dangerous and are prone to creating a safety and fire risk, the ban is in accordance with the “Traffic Rules and Regulations” Policy.  Section VI of this Policy prohibits the use of motor vehicles, including those which have an electric motor, from being operated upon land or ways not specifically designed, intended or designated for vehicle traffic.  This would include all campus buildings, entrances, and wheelchair ramps leading to those buildings.  

Bridgewater State University community members and others must abide by this policy.

4.  Definitions 

Hoverboards and similar devices include the following: hoverboards, Swagways, IO Hawks, Skywalkers, and similar devices

5.  Sanctions

If you have one of these devices, please remove it from campus. If you receive or purchase one of these devices during the break, please know that you will not be able to have it on campus and if it is found, it will be confiscated, and violators may be referred for disciplinary action or, in the case of a non student, issued a no-trespassing order.

6.  Policy Questions or Concerns

Questions or concerns about this policy should be directed to the Bridgewater State University Police Department at 508-531-1212.

Reviewed 8/2023 by David Tillinghast, University Police