Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Bridgewater State University is committed to making its facilities, services and programs accessible to all students, faculty, employees and visitors in compliance with applicable law. The office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) offers support and assistance to students with documented disabilities who desire reasonable accommodations.

Student Accessibility Services

Academic Achievement Center (located on the ground floor of the Maxwell Library)

Voicemail: 508.531.2194

Fax: 508.531.4194



Reasonable Accommodations

Consistent with federal and state law, reasonable accommodation will be provided to eligible individuals with disabilities. Students with disabilities who desire reasonable accommodations must contact Student Accessibility Services and provide appropriate documentation. All requests for accommodations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Reasonable accommodations for academic and community access may include but are not limited to:

  • Testing accommodations
  • Assistive technology
  • Alternate format materials
  • ASL Interpreter services
  • Campus mobility planning 
  • Accessible on-campus housing
  • Emotional Support Animal requests

Further information about the services, programs and policies of Student Accessibility Services may be found at Student Accessibility Services or upon request at 508.531.2194 or

Please note that there is no automatic continuation of IEPs, 504 Plans, or other services from high school to the university. If a student with a disability does not request a reasonable accommodation from Student Accessibility Services, it may remain unknown and unaddressed. In addition, a letter of accommodation does not transfer between institutions of higher education. If a student with a disability has previously attended another university or college and received accommodations, they are still responsible for following the procedures for requesting reasonable accommodations as outlined on the Student Accessibility Services site.

Employees, including student employees, who desire reasonable accommodations for a disability in connection with their employment should contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at 508.531.2744 or

Campus Accessibility

The university is committed to providing equitable and integrated access for individuals with disabilities to all the academic, employment, social, cultural and recreational programs it offers as required by law.

Having been established in 1840, many buildings on Bridgewater State University’s campus were built circa 1990. As the University continually works to improve campus accessibility through updates and new construction, the achievement of full architectural and physical access is a work-in-progress. A majority of the university buildings and all residence halls are accessible, and all campus parking lots have handicap designated spaces as required. The University has accessible travel ways throughout the campus and offers accessible campus bus service. Students may contact Student Accessibility Services for assistance planning their campus navigation and/or to request reasonable accommodations related to accessibility needs.

Current and future construction, as well as any periodic work by the Town of Bridgewater, may temporarily impact or disrupt accessible travel routes, building accessibility and/or parking. In an effort to provide the community with as much information as possible regarding such disruptions, Facilities Management & Planning provides regular updates and announcements concerning the disruptions and, working with Student Accessibility Services and Office of Equal Opportunity, provides information to students collaborating with SAS regarding alternative modes of access.

Reviewed and Revised 8/2023 by Jenna Shales, Student Accessibility Services